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Best Eco-Friendly Phone Case

Protecting your phone is important – not only because constantly repairing screens and replacing mobile devices is annoying and expensive. Building a smartphone also requires the polluting extraction of irreplaceable elements, such as gold, cobalt or lithium. That is a highly unsustainable process and the reason why we need to protect our phones from breaking. Obviously, we don’t want to support the waste of plastic either, so what is the best eco-friendly phone case?

The eco-friendly phone case we recommend is Pela. The company has created what they call “the World’s first 100% compostable phone case”.

Pela Case


Pela cases are made from plant-based biopolymer, recycled materials and flax straw fiber, a waste byproduct of the oilseed harvest. They are BPA-free (NSF-tested) and don’t contain lead, cadmium or phthalates. Plus, they come in plastic-free packaging.

Production Process

According to the Pela Case Life Cycle Analysis (you can read it here), purchasing a Pela phone case reduces carbon emissions by 25%, water consumption by 35% and waste production by 67%, compared to a generic phone case.

Give Back Programs

Pela offsets their carbon emissions and is Climate Neutral.

The company is also a member of 1% For The Planet, an international organization to which members contribute 1% of their annual sales. That amount is then contributed towards campaigns and organizations dedicated to bettering the planet.

Moreover, Pela is a Certified B Corporation, which means that it ‘balances purpose and profit’.

Climate Neutral Logo
Certified B Corporation
1% For The Planet

Pela 360 Program:

In order to reduce emissions even more, Pela has introduced its 360 Program. Here’s how it works: When you order an eco-friendly phone case from Pela, they send it in a reusable envelope, which you can use to send your old phone case back to the company. It will then be upcycled into a new Pela product, or properly recycled.

“Participating in the Pela360 program reduces carbon emissions by 34%, water consumption by 35% and waste production by 80%, compared to a generic phone case.”

Pela Case Life Cycle Analysis
Pela 360 Program


The phone has raised edges for the camera and screen protection and feels good in the hand. One thing that we want to mention is that it can be slightly (but really just slightly) loose around the edges. However, it protects the phone very well (drop tested) – and that’s what it is supposed to do.

Also, we absolutely love the designs! Pela offers cases for a wide variety of Apple and Android phones in countless colors and styles. You can check their options on their website here or on Amazon here.

Other Eco-Friendly Phone Cases We Love

While Pela is definitely highly recommended, there are other eco-friendly phone cases out there that we would like to introduce you to as well.

Loam & Lore Bamboo Phone Case

Loam & Lore

  • made from bamboo, walnut, plant fibers
  • 100% biodegradable
  • small family-owned business
  • comes in plastic-free packaging
  • Compatible with wireless chargers
  • One tree planted with every order
  • iPhone and Android
  • Available on Amazon here


  • made from maize and produced through a fermentation process
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable
  • Compatible with wireless chargers
  • Wilma is giving $1 to Save the Ocean projects per case sold
  • iPhone and Android
  • Available on Amazon here
Wilma Phone Case
Reveal Cork Phone Case


  • made from bamboo, cork, wood and carbon fiber
  • One tree planted with every order
  • Reveal donates to American Forests
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Available on Amazon here