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The Best Tents for Dogs (Our Top 5 Choices)

Wondering what the best tents for dogs are?

If you are a dog owner like me who loves camping with their pooch companion but prefers not smelling like them, I’d recommend you invest in a dog tent. 😉

If you’re not convinced, imagine the following scenario:

You and your adventurous canine are trekking through the woods, it’s been raining the day before so the ground is soft and yes, muddy.

After a long day of exploring the forest you and your dog return to camp. You’ve just finished eating dinner and decide to have an early night (many hours of trekking will do this to you). You enter your warm, soft, clean tent only to realize there’s a stomach-churning sludge all over your sleeping bag and new book. Your dog just sits there, smiling at you the way they do.


So, what is the best tents for dogs?

My dog is often quite offended when I don’t let him sleep inside my tent. However, being a husky with fur that seems to never stop shedding, I simply cannot allow it. Usually after a full day of activities he takes to his dog tent pretty quickly. Also, the tent is built in a way that allows him to use the bathroom whenever he wants.

(Before we get started on the best tents for dogs. If you are an avid camper/hiker who likes to bring their dog along for the adventure, I urge you to look into this dog saddle bag. Huskies and other outdoor dogs love it, and it helps to spread the load between you and your canine companion.)

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Below I’ll share with you the 5 best tents for dogs.

1. Yolafe Portable Dog Tent 43″ L 43″ W 32″ H

In our opinion one of the best tent for dogs. Convenient & Portable: Yolafe dog tent adopts cross brace construction providing quick easy set up, pack down and greater strength. This tent weight is just 5.7 LBS, very light.

2. Niubya 48 Inches XLarge

dog tent

Indoor or Outdoor, Works for Every Season: Comes with a detachable waterproof canopy, gives your pet full shade to keep cool and block the UV rays out in hot summer.

3. Petego Umbra Portable Dog House 35″ L 35″ W 35″ H

tent for dogs

This dog tent has an umbrella mechanism for easy set up and break down and can be used in cars. The mesh vents are durable and claw proof.

4. Alcott Pup Tent, One Size, Green 42″ L 32″ W 30″ H

dog tent

One of the best tent for dogs in terms of weight. This tent weighs less than 1.5 pounds! Also it has 5 mesh windows for optimal air circulation.

5. Lifeunion Waterproof Tent Small Dogs 23″ L 23″ W 17″ H

tent for small dogs

Waterproof surface,durable for long time use. Super strong structure the tent poles are made of extra strong fiberglass. The tent has an open door for easy air flow – You will need to add a makeshift door if you don’t want your dogs to wander during the night.

What to look for in a dog tent?

Before you go ahead and invest a few dollars in a tent for your dog, you should consider a few things.

What are your needs

what are your dogs needs

You need to think about what type of camping trip you and your dog are going on, what needs does the tent for your dog need to fulfill.

Are you going hiking for the day and maybe spending some time at the beach? Then perhaps the best tent for your dog is a light, portable, airy option.

Do you and your dog intend camping for a few days? The I’d definitely recommend a sturdier dog tent made of waterproof materials.

Determining what you intend to use your dog tent for is the number one step.

What size tent do I need for my dog?

tent size for dogs

Dogs come in many various shapes and sizes. Well, so do tents. Make sure that the tent you get for your dog is big enough. The tent should be able to close up easily with your dog inside (this is true even if you plan on leaving it open). Feel free to use the size chart above when purchasing a tent for your dog.

Why invest in a tent for your dog?

According to the 2018 KOA North American Camping Report compiled by Kampgrounds of America Inc. Approximately 77 million families have at least one member in their household who enjoys camping. (Feel free to download the report here.)

Considering the amount of dog lovers out there, statistics show that roughly 85 million American families own at least one pet.

With these statistics in mind, it kind of makes sense that one day or another you or your neighbor are going to want to go camping with your dogs.

The best tent for dogs has many uses. If you are an avid camper who already owns a tent, it may seem silly at first to invest in a tent for your canine companion.

Besides the scenario you imagined at the beginning of this article, here are 3 more reasons to invest in a dog tent.

One: Tents can get crowded pretty quickly.

Two: If you are a light sleeper like me, your dog may keep you up at night. I say this from experience, dogs take awhile to get settled with all the new sights, sounds, and smells outside.

Third: Waking up in order to let the dog out to use the bathroom can be quite a hassle on a cold night. Or worse, your trusty companion might just use your tent as their own bathroom. I know what you are thinking, why can’t I just leave the tent flap open? Well, this depends on your location if there happens to be loads of bugs, like mosquitoes (highly likely while camping) I’d recommend against it. The best dog tents will have their own flap which you can either keep closed or open, thus your dog can use the bathroom at their own leisure, without disturbing your sleep.

I hope you enjoyed reading this best tent for dogs article. If you yourself are heading on a camping trip soon with your dog squad let us know where you are going in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

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