Eco Friendly Kids Gifts (10 Gift Ideas for Kids)

Are you looking for the best eco friendly kids gifts?

The world is so full of unsustainable toys and trinkets, and the oceans have enough plastic as it is!

In this article we have made your search for environmentally friendly gifts much easier.

What better way to teach your kid to become sustainable, than to educate them with eco friendly gifts?

Let’s get started.

10 Best Eco friendly Kids Gifts

1. Wooden Tricycle

eco friendly kids gifts

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One of the best eco friendly kids gifts is this is award-winning tricycle that’s suitable for kids and toddlers (one year olds can start learning to ride). Kinderfeets cooperates with Trees For The Future, which means they plant one tree for every bike they sell.

Eco-Friendly Gift Review: “Our son got this as a gift for his 1st birthday. He just turned 2 and it’s still a great size bike for him. The seat isn’t even on the highest setting, so it’ll last him a while longer – hopefully until he turns 3. He’s in about the 60th percentile for height right now, so this should last most kids past 24 months even though it’s labeled 12-24 months. It’s made out of wood, so it’s not as durable as a metal bike. It’s gotten a few cracks in it, but it’s withstood being dropped and thrown to the ground quite a bit. A few times some of the screws have come loose and fallen out from my son banging the front wheel on the ground while riding, but otherwise it has held up pretty well.” – Brittany

2. Eco Friendly Diapers

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Not exactly an eco friendly kids gift, but rather a gift for parents with kids. Eco by Naty promises 100% independently certified bio and plant based material in their products. The diapers are wrapped in complete renewable packaging. The perfect gift for eco-conscious parents.

Eco Friendly Gift Review: “Best eco friendly diapers I have ever used, coming from a super picky vegan cloth diapering mom. I love that they are thin and can easily be thrown in a bag or ergobaby pocket for on-the-go emergency situations. Only brand to NEVER irritate my baby. I love them hands down over honest co if anyone is having trouble choosing between the two. So worth the investment.” – Niki

3. Bubble Bath

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This eco friendly gift is for kids and everyone else who loves bubble baths (and who doesn’t love bubble baths?). This plant-based lavender bubble bath with essential oils is truly calming.

Eco Friendly Gift Review: “This is a lovely bubble bath. The smell is minimal which is great for people like me with sensitivities. I have a lot of allergic reactions to soaps and shampoos but I can use this product with no issues. Creates a decent amount of bubbles that stick around till the end of the bath!” – Austin Johnson

4. The Organic Artist For Kids Book

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This great book inspires creativity by connecting kids and their adults to our wilderness roots, something not enough children learn in school. A highly recommended eco friendly gift for kids, the whole family, babysitters, and teachers!

Eco-Friendly Gift Review: “As an art educator and certified naturalist, I am always looking for ways to incorporate nature and environmental awareness into the art studio for my students. I first came to know Neddo’s work by way of the National Art Education Association’s yearly convention whereby one of the workshops I attended highlighted Neddo’s first book, The Organic Artist. From there, I designed a STREAM course for my middle schoolers, Art Lab, which incorporated many of the informative concepts and recipes for making natural art materials. However, I have to say that Neddo’s new book, The Organic Artist for Kids, is even more wonderful for those who want to bring nature inside or for those who practice making art outside. It is a perfect use alone or supplement to any earth science, art, or homeschool curriculum. His knowledge of materials is extensive. The easy to follow instructions are doable with the addition of common substances readily available. PLUS, Neddo is most aware of presenting non-toxic and earth friendly ideas for creating art. Painting and printing with beets is even edible! This book is a keeper and stands out in my library of eco-friendly art explorations.” – Nina

5. Wooden Music Set

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One of the perfect eco friendly kids gifts – nine wooden instruments from across the globe made from kid-friendly wood. This set introduces children to music and promotes creativity.

Eco-Friendly Gift Review: “Wonderful set of instruments! Great quality! I like that even the recorder is wooden, and it sounds lovely. We just got them, and my 15 month old loved trying them all. I’m working on creating a Montessori space for her, so I love that they are natural wood instead of distracting colors. I’m really excited to have some regular music-making time with her, and these are the perfect addition to her xylophone. Definitely recommend!” – Kungfubo

6. Children’s Dinnerware

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This bamboo dinnerware set for boys and girls is renewable and sustainable the perfect eco gift for kids.

Eco-Friendly Gift Review: “We’ve been using a Bobo&Boo bowl and plate for several weeks and liked them so much we bought more. We were seeking an alternative to silicone suction-base plates and bowls as our baby is getting old enough (13mos) to learn to use regular dishes. The sizing of both bowl and plate is perfect – small enough not to overwhelm our baby, yet big enough to fit a good amount of food. We haven’t used the fork and spoon as the handle shape isn’t the easiest for little hands/new eaters, but she may use them more as she gets better at handling cutlery. Likewise the cup is a bit big for our baby at the moment but we’ll save it for her to use as she grows. We run ours through the dishwasher (top rack) and so far they are holding up well. We love the vivid colors and smooth, durable-feeling finish. The packaging is easy to open and fully recyclable. Highly recommend!” – NW Gal

7. Kids Gardening Tools

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This 100% plastic free gardening set encourages kids to learn about plants, nature & sustainability. We highly recommend introducing your kid to nature as soon as possible.

Eco Friendly Gift Review: “Has everything needed to spurt the interest of our future gardener.” – Amazon Customer

8. Wooden Solar Car Model Kits to Build

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This science kit is ideal for children aged 8 to 12.  It’s a perfect parent-child building physics project and puzzle all in one. The robot kit includes a solar panel that transforms heat into an electric energy drive motor, which teaches children the benefits of environmentally friendly solar energy. In our opinion clean energy the way of the future!

Eco-Friendly Gift Review: “I loved it, my 4 year old loved it! Yes, she was too young to assemble the car, but I knew it before I made the purchase as this product is for 8+. Nevertheless, she enjoyed watching me do it and won’t put it down when we are out in the sun. I figured it is never too early to foster passion for STEM in kids. I loved everything about this toy. Instructions are easy to follow, design is cool and eco-friendly and most importantly, it actually works! It needs direct sunlight to turn the wheels and the brighter the sun the better. I noticed the car moves a lot faster around noon and slows down as the sun goes down. If you are looking for something that will teach and entertain your kids at the same time, this must be it!” – Nash Ashumov

9. Shelly The Sea Turtle

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Shelly was made from 6 plastic bottles by the Shore Buddies, who have saved over 500,000 plastic bottles from entering our oceans by 2020. Furthermore, they donate $1 from every product purchase to nonprofit organizations that share their mission in keeping plastics out of the ocean to save marine life. If your child loves sea creatures and teddy bears, what better eco friendly kid gift could you imagine?

10. Plantable Pencils

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Available in many different colors and plant types, sprout pencils are the best eco friendly gift for all kids ages. They are non-toxic, lead free and biodegradable!

Eco-Friendly Gifts Review: “I bought these pencils originally as a gift but after sharpening them, I ended up keeping them for myself. These pencils are circular in design, meaning once they are so small that you can no longer use them to write, they serve a new purpose as a plant. It’s a wonderful concept!” – Erica D. Medrano

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