We are Softback Travel

Hi! We are Leoni and Kyle. With our blog, we invite you to join us on our journey around the world and towards a more sustainable way of experiencing our planet’s cultures, nature and wildlife.

We met on Couchsurfing two years ago and have been traveling together ever since. We have hitchhiked Vietnam, been blessed by a Buddhist monk in Thailand, wildcamped in beautiful places all over the world, survived jellyfish stings, got robbed by monkeys, encountered wild horses in Namibia and experienced wildlife in South Africa.

Leoni & Kyle on cycling trip in Spain

Leoni doing a headstand

Traveling has allowed us to expand our minds and make unique experiences that have changed our perspectives on many aspects of the life on our precious planet. But we have also witnessed that the tourism industry pollutes our oceans, destroys ecosystems and supports global inequality.

We are deeply passionate about wildlife conservation and environmental protection and strive to support those values by treading lightly and being respectful to the places we visit.

We are far from perfect and learn something new about responsible and sustainable travel every day. But that’s part of the journey and also somehow the point. We believe that the exchange of experiences and ideas on the way has a positive impact on our own lifestyles, as well as on those who we might inspire through this blog (yes, that’s you!).

Kyle and Leoni SUP

Leoni with surfboard in the car

You want to read more about us? We are flattered!

Well, here we go…

Leoni is from Germany, where she studied Media and Communication in a stunning small town called Passau. Because she used Couchsurfing a lot on her travels, she decided to give back and host people in her tiny student flat share during the semesters. Most of them were cyclists (riding along the Danube) and all of them were pretty awesome. Especially one of them. But let’s skip the cheesy part.

…Kyle was born in South Africa and grew up in beautiful Cape Town, where he turned his passion for the ocean and water sports into his own a kitesurfing school. But he also wanted to explore other continents and countries and so he decided to cycle from Prague to Passau. And well, you know what comes next.

Still here? We will update this page with more information soon. If you are really that nosy, you’re gonna have to come back in a few days. But hey, why don’t you read our latest articles so long? 😉

Kyle in Barcelona

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