by softbacktravel
We are Softback Travel

Hello there! And welcome to our little corner of the internet. We are glad you found your way here!

About Us

We are Leoni and Kyle, one German and one South African, two nature-loving, adventure-thirsty and eco-conscious digital nomads, and proud creators of this website. We share an infinite passion for wildlife, the outdoors and ethical experiences, and believe that everyone can help protect our planet by making mindful choices and reconnecting with nature.

We met on Couchsurfing in a beautiful small town called Passau (Germany) and have been backpacking, wild camping and hitchhiking together ever since. 

Traveling has allowed us to expand our minds and make unique experiences that have changed our perspectives on many aspects of life on our precious planet.

But we have also witnessed that the tourism industry has the potential to pollute our oceans, destroy ecosystems and support global inequality.

Our Mission

Here’s the thing: We live in the 21st century and we need to normalize ethical travel! 

We are deeply passionate about wildlife conservation and environmental protection and strive to support those values by treading lightly and being respectful to the places we visit. So, here we are – inspiring you to do the same!

Currently traveling Southern Africa in our 4×4 VW Syncro, we let you in on our secrets about essential gear, how-tos, mistakes to avoid and tips for living a more sustainable life – on the road, in the great outdoors and at home.

Send us a Message and ask questions, share your own travel experiences, check out our work with us page and feel free to give us feedback!