What is land pollution

What is Land Pollution (Effects & Causes)

We all know that pollution is the introduction of an undesirable element that inevitably spoils or infects the natural world. However, conversations regarding pollution generally revolve around air pollution, and its effects on the earth’s ozone layer. While all talks …

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Best selling bamboo products

8 Best Selling Bamboo Products (Eco Friendly Bamboo)

People have been planting and using bamboo products as early as the Shang Dynasty – That’s 7,000 years ago folks! But even today, bamboo’s durability, lightweight structure and eco-friendly nature, make it a prized material among different cultures worldwide. Bamboo …

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Vegan leather backpacks

Vegan Leather Backpacks (Our Top 10 Choices in 2020)

In this article we outline our top 10 favorite vegan leather backpacks in 2020. For those interested, a few high fashion brands that use vegan leather in their products are: Nanushka, A.W.A.K.E mode, Stella McCartney and Low Classic. We wrote …

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Benefits Of Being Vegan

21 Benefits Of Being Vegan

What do Greta Thunberg, Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson have in common? They all profit from the benefits of being vegan. Up until only a couple of years ago, people who followed plant based diets were often frowned upon. Today …

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