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Top 15 Best Beaches in Naxos

Overlooked by green hills, lush mountains and ancient ruins, Naxos’ beaches are one of the main reasons why every Greece enthusiast should have this destination on their bucket list.

With world-famous Mykonos and Santorini only a short ferry ride away, Naxos has managed to stay under the mainstream tourism radar. Despite it being the largest island of the Cyclades, it is more quiet and less crowded than its neighbors.

From well organized white sandy stretches, over water sports paradises for adrenaline junkies to peaceful spots in quiet, green surroundings – Naxos’ beaches have got it all.

Let’s dive in and take a look at the best beaches in Naxos.

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Blue Flag Beaches

Just one more thing before we nominate the best Naxos beaches: Blue Flag certified seasides.

Blue Flag Beach

If you are an exceptionally professional and passionate beach-goer, this is not new to you. In case you have no idea what a Blue Flag beach is, here’s all you need to know:

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is a non-profit NGO, which certifies beaches, marinas and sustainable boat tourism operators in 60 member countries worldwide with a blue flag.

If you spot the trademark somewhere, you can be sure that your location meets stringent standards for quality, safety, environmental education and information, the provision of services and general environmental management criteria.

Naxos is home to three Blue Flags beaches: Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios and Agia Anna’s Maranga beach.

Best Naxos Beaches

Naxos has over 30 beaches – some are well organized and very popular, others are rather hidden and regarded as secret insider tips (so don’t tell anyone about those ones).

Use the map below for an overview of the best beaches in Naxos:

Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach Naxos

One of the most popular beaches in Greece and the longest sandy stretch of the Cyclades, Plaka beach is a must-visit destination for every Naxos traveler.


  • Facilities: Sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants and cafes can be found in one part of the beach, while the rest of it is left to its natural beauty.
  • Best For: sunbathing, swimming, long beach walks
  • What To Bring: beach towel, volleyball, Frisbee, a good book

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios Naxos

Like Plaka Beach, Agios Prokopios is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

The 1.5 km stretch of white sands is partly organized and has something to offer for everyone – water sports rentals, shade, quiet suntan spots and a variety of restaurants for everyone who needs an energy boost after a swim session.


  • Facilities: One part of the island is equipped with water sports rentals, sunbeds and umbrellas, while the other half is unspoiled by tourist facilities.
    Behind the sandy dunes you will find a little village, where you can have delicious food and drinks in a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes.
    There is a bus stop by the beach, which connects Agios Prokopis to Naxos Town.
  • Best For: sunbathing, water sports, swimming, beach walks
  • What To Bring: beach towel, a good book

Aliko Beach

Aliko Hawaii Beach Naxos

Located 18 km south of Naxos town, this little paradise offers a peaceful atmosphere away from crowded resorts.

Trees next to the small bays provide shade and the crystal-clear waters are perfect to cool off.

Above the beach, you will find a ceder forest between sandy dunes, which was declared a protected natural area.


  • Facilities: A bus stop connects Aliko beach to the port of Naxos. There is also space for cars to park.
  • Best For: Enjoying nature, swimming, suntanning, beach walks
  • What To Bring: Aliko beach does not have sunbeds and umbrella rentals. There should be enough space under the shade providing tamarisk trees for all its visitors. If you want to be on the safe side however, bring an umbrella or beach shelter. Also, pack a nice picnic, your beach towel and enough to drink.

Agios Georgio Beach

Agios Georgios Beach Naxos

Also known as Saint Georges Beach, this seaside is kilometres long, fully organized and usually crowded. And for good reasons: The sand is soft, the water is crystal clear and across the sea you have a beautiful view of Paros.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, water sports facilities, cafes and restaurants, rooms and studios for rent
  • Best For: windsurfing (and windsurfing lessons), long beach walks, beautiful views, swimming, suntanning, beach volleyball
  • What To Bring: As you will find almost everything you need on the beach, just bring a towel and some money to enjoy a delicious Greek meal in one of the restaurants.

Mikri Vigla Beach

Mikri Vigla Beach Naxos

Mikri Vigla consists of two beautiful beaches, separated by a hill.

The northern beach is blessed by the Meltemi, northern winds that are unique to the Cyclades. These conditions make this part an internationally known windsurfing and kitesurfing hotspot.

The southern beach, also referred to as Sahara beach, however is protected from the Meltemi, which is why it is the perfect location for swimming, suntanning and a day with the family.

  • Location

  • Facilities: The northern beach provides two water sports equipment rentals and schools for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Sahara beach offers a typical Greek tavern for food and drinks.
    Moreover, there is a bus stop and enough space for cars to park.
  • Best For: Windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, suntanning, a day with the family, beach picnics
  • What To Bring: Windsurfing or kitesurfing equipment (no wet suit needed), a picnic, your beach towel

Agiassos Beach

Agiassos Beach Naxos

Agiassos beach is a long stretch of fine sand for those who seek solitude. Even in high season it never gets crowded.

Not far from Aliko and Pyrgaki, it is not equipped with tourist facilities. However, there is taverna with delicious Greek food and cold drinks for its visitors.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: public parking, a taverna, a few rooms to rent
  • Best For: swimming, suntanning, solitude, beautiful sea views
  • What To Bring: a picnic (unless you’d like to treat yourself with Greek food in the taverna nearby), a beach towel

Panermos Beach

Panermos Beach Naxos

Panermos is a rather secluded beach and definitely belongs to the off the beaten path destinations. It lies south of Moutsana and, due to its seclusion, attracts visitors who enjoy some peace and quiet during their vacation.

From here, you might spot traces of the prehistoric acropolis which was situated on a low hill close to the beach.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: side road parking (vehicle rental is recommended as there is no regular public transport to the beach)
  • Best For: swimming, suntanning, solitude
  • What To Bring: a picnic and whatever you need for your favorite beach activity (a good book, a Frisbee, a beach ball)

Maragas Beach

Maragas Beach Naxos

Maragas beach is where outdoor lovers meet, as there is a campsite nearby. Be prepared for it to be rather crowded in high season, however, if you are looking to camp right by the sea, this is your place to be!

Here, you will also find a naturist area on one side of the sandy stretch.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, a bus stop, a local supermarket in short walking distance from the beach
  • Best For: families, naturists, snorkeling, swimming, beach walks
  • What To Bring: snorkel equipment, beach towel

Agia Anna Beach

Agia Anna Beach Naxos

With crystal-clear shallow water and golden sands, Agia Anna is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Naxos.

It actually is a continuation of the Agios Prokopios beach and a very popular spot for the majority of Naxos visitors.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: restaurants, cafes and bars, hotels, rooms and studios for rent, public parking, access by bus, sunbeds and umbrellas for rent
  • Best For: swimming (there is a small cove next to the port which is usually protected from strong winds), snorkeling, suntanning, beach walks, beautiful views, families
  • What To Bring: just a beach towel and some money for rentals and food

Moutsouna Beach

Moutsouna Beach Naxos

Moutsana used to be the port to which trains once transported marble from Naxos’ mines. Today, the little habor is dominated by small colorful boats and all kinds of beach goers.

If you go for a little walk north of the beach, you will find lots of smaller bays and coves that are popular among naturists.

Note: There is no well-developed public transport from Naxos Town (around 40 km away) to the beach, so it is recommended to rent a car or a scooter to get here.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: tavernas, resorts and hotels nearby
  • Best For: suntanning, swimming, the views, families, naturists
  • What To Bring: Sun protection, as shade is scarce.

Amitis Beach

Amitis Beach Naxos

Located around 7 km north of Naxos Town, Amitis beach is one of the rather quiet beaches off the beaten path. With white sands and turquoise water, this place invites you to escape the crowds and enjoy nature.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: There are a hotel, and a few rooms to rent, as well as a couple of taverns and mini markets in the area. The beach is furthermore accessible via bus.
  • Best For: swimming, sunbathing, getting away from the crowds
  • What To Bring: There are no beach beds and umbrella rentals in the area. Bring a beach towel, a picnic and a hoodie, as the wind can get quite strong.

Grotta Beach

Grotta Beach Naxos

A mixture of pebbles and sand forms this seaside north of the Naxos’ main town Chora. Grotta is the place where the ancient Mycenaean city of Naxos used to be located. Some remains can still be seen there today.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: public parking, studios and rooms to rent in the area (the beach is in walking distance from Naxos Town),
  • Best For: snorkeling, stunning views, exploring by foot
  • What To Bring: your camera for some nice shots of Portara and the Aegean Sea, a hoodie for protection against the strong northern winds

Abram Beach

Abram Beach Naxos

Abram beach should be high up on your Naxos beaches bucket list.

The surroundings of the seaside are characterized by lush slopes of rocky hills and lots of green, which creates a beautiful contrast to the deep blue of the ocean.

Another highlight is the drive to this beach, as it offers plenty of panoramic views.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: few rooms for rent and tavernas
  • Best For: families, nature lovers
  • What To Bring: beach towel, umbrella, a picnic, your camera

Kastraki Beach

Kastraki Beach Naxos

Right after the beach of Mikri Vigla you will find Kastraki beach. This little paradise with cystal-clear water, soft white sand and a peaceful atmosphere is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Naxos.

The swimming conditions are ideal and the beach is quite long, which makes it a great place for walks along the seaside. Moreover, there are a few tavernas in the area where you can have delicious Greek food and a cold drink while enjoying the views.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: few umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, parking along the beach, infrequent bus service, few rooms for rent, tavernas
  • Best For: families, naturists, swimming, suntanning, beach walks
  • What To Bring: beach towel, a good book, some money for a cold beer


Apollonas Beach Naxos

The two main reasons why you should pay Apollonas beach a visit are the largest Kouros statue in situ in the Aegean and the charming small village of Apollon itself.

The seaside is usually quiet and equipped with a few tavernas that serve amazing seafood.

  • Location:

  • Facilities: local transportation to the beach (once a day in summer), parking by the beach, tavernas
  • Best For: sightseeing, families, seafood
  • What To Bring: your camera and a hoodie against the sometimes strong northern winds

Other Things To Do On Naxos

While Naxos’ beaches are definitely one of the main reasons why you should pay this island a visit, there are plenty of other great things to do, as well.

Portara Naxos


The monumental marble frame is most likely the first thing you will see when arriving on Naxos. Located on the islet of Palatia (which used to be a hill on Naxos back in the days), it is what remains of the unfinished Ionic temple f Apollo.

Old Town

Old Town

Naxos’ old town with its traditional white-washed houses, small shops and cozy tavernas is a place to experience Greek village life at its best. Stroll through the little alleyways, shop handmade souvenirs and enjoy some delicious food in one of the restaurants.

Mount Zas

Mount Zas

Outdoor enthusiasts, be prepared: Naxos is home to the tallest mountain of the Cyclades! Mount Zas is ‎3290 ft / 1003 m high and offers stunning views over the island, as well as the Aegean sea.



The Venetian Castle of Naxos was built in the 13th century. Climb the stairs to this impressive piece of history and travel back in time while exploring the area within the walls, including the Venetian Museum.

Panagia Drosiani Church

Panagia Drosiani Church

The oldest Christian church of Naxos was built in the 6th century A.D. and is considered one of the most important Byzantine churches. The inside is decorated with rare paintings, while the courtyard offers its visitors a beautiful view of the Tragea Valley.

Accommodation in Naxos

From comfy campsites by the sea to luxurious apartment with stunning views, Naxos has got it all. Get inspired and book your Naxos accommodation below!

How To Get To Naxos

Naxos Beaches

Most travelers visit Naxos while island hopping in Greece. There are frequent ferries connecting Naxos to Mykonos and Santorini, both of which are equipped with international airports.

When it comes to getting around in the Aegean sea, however, do yourself (especially during times of a global pandemic) and the planet a favor and avoid unnecessary flights.

Best Time To Visit Naxos

Best Time To Visit Naxos

The best time to travel to Naxos depends on what you are looking to do on this beautiful island. Beach days in the warm sun, hikes through lush landscapes, water sports adventures, getting away from the crowds?

In general, the months between April and October are best for warm weather. July and August are the hottest and busiest months. If you’d like to avoid tourist crowds or explore the island’s hiking trails, come in spring or fall.

January is the rainiest month of the year on Naxos, however, December and February are great to experience winter in Greece. During this time, the island will be more quiet and cheaper, as well.

Moreover, there are a few festivals every year (mainly in summer) that allow you to experience Greek culture at its best:

  • May 20th: Festival of Ag­ios Thalaleos (in Agios Thalaleos)
  • June 30th: Festival of Agii Apostoli (in Melanes)
  • July 7th: Festival of Agia Kyriaki (in Potamia)
  • July 8th: Festival of Ag­ios Prokopios (in Agios Prokopis)
  • July 14th: Festival of Ag­ios Nikodimos (in Hora and Glinado)
  • July 17th: Festival of Agia Marina (in Agidia and Koronos)
  • July 25th: Festival of Agia Anna (in Agia Anna)
  • July 27th: Festival of Agios Panteleimon (in Ag­ersani)
  • August 6th: Festival of Christ the Saviour (in Glinado, Damarionas and Kourounochori)
  • August 15th: Festival of Panagia (Holy Virgin) (all over the island)
  • August 23th: Festival of the Holy Virgin’s No­vena (in Tripodes)
  • August 29th: Festival of Agios Ioannis (in Apiranthos, Apollonas and Agersani)
  • September 8th: Festival of Theoskepasti (in Komiaki and Potamia)

Which Naxos beach is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comment section below!


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